BT326 - Departure from Helsinki Vantaa

BT326 - Weekly Timetable

Flight BT326 is operated 7 times a week.

Weekday Departure
Sunday 05:20
Monday 05:20
Tuesday 05:20
Wednesday 05:20
Thursday 05:20
Friday 05:20
Saturday 05:20

Before departing from the Helsinki Airport:

There are several ways to get to the Vantaa Airport from Helsinki. Please read information on local transport connections using the link below:
Link is here

Please be mindful of time when passengers have to arrive at the airport. Please keep in mind that passengers should be at the gate at least 20 minutes before the flight’s departure. Due to these restrictions, we advise all passengers to arrive at the airport about 2 hours before departure.

Please make sure you hold all the neccessary documents. If your airline notifies you in advance about a new scheduled time of departure, you have to get to the airport in accordance with the new time.

Passengers should be prepared to obey all the formalities required at the airport (check-in, passing through security control or passport control, if it needs).

If you have only hand luggage, we recommend to check in before on your airline's website. Then you can then go directly to the security control at the airport.
If you have luggage, you are able to use the check-in machine at the airport. There are easy-to-use machines for quick check-in at the Vantaa Airport.

Security control
After check-in, passengers go through security control. Then present your boarding pass to the digital gate scanner. After that come to the security control line, place your hand luggage on a tray for scanning. Walk through the metal detector gate. If everything is ok, you can enter the gate area.

At the gate area
Check your flight information on the monitors. Please go to the departure gate by the time that your airline has provided. And keep in mind that Vantaa Airport is a quiet airport so flight time are no longer announced over loudspeakers.

If you would like to buy something before your departure or you prefer to drink a cup of coffee, you can visit shops and restaurants at the gate area:
Food & Drink: Link here
Shops: Link here

For more information about the services available at the airport, see the page below: Link here