AY376 - Arrive to Helsinki Vantaa

AY376 - Weekly Timetable

Flight AY376 is operated 7 times a week.

Weekday Arrive
Sunday 07:00
Monday 07:00
Tuesday 07:00
Wednesday 07:00
Thursday 07:00
Friday 07:00
Saturday 07:00

Before arriving to Helsinki Airport:

1. Gather your things before your plane lands.
2. For security reasons please stay seated until the fasten seat belt sign goes off.
3. Be mindful of connecting flights for yourself from and allow others to leave the plane first if they can miss their connecting flight in Helsinki.
4. As you leave be a considerate person and don’t forget to thank flight crew.

In most cases, it's recommended to schedule your pick up 30-40 minutes after your domestic flight lands. If you or your friends are traveling from overseas, it's recommended that you schedule your pick up 40-60 minutes after landing so you have time for getting through passport control and customs.

If you arrive in Finland from abroad, you should pass through the customs channel. Select the red channel if you have goods to declare or the green channel if you don't or the blue EU channel if you are arriving from EU countries.

If you are going to pick up your friends please keep in mind the time they will spend to exit from the airport building after landing.

Before leaving the Helsinki Airport Arriving Terminal, don't forget to check if your luggage is ok or not. If something is wrong please report it to the Lost and Found or Baggage Claim Office and follow the instructions of the staff.

If you are hungry or would like to buy something before you leave the Vantaa airport, please visit the following pages for shops and restaurants available after arrival:
Food & Drink: Link here
Shops: Link here

For more information about the services available at the Vantaa airport, see the page below: Link here

There are several ways to get from the Vantaa Airport to Helsinki. Please read information on local transport connections using the link below:
Link here